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I’m going to an elf based larp this autumn so I’m poking around for clothing concepts….


I’m going to an elf based larp this autumn so I’m poking around for clothing concepts. Left one’s more or less based on my regular viking outfit with some small modifications (different style undertunic, short dress rather than regular outer tunic). The right one’s based off of the WoW druid tier 5 raid set, Nordrassil with a few modifications.

Not sure about neither of these but I think I would like to make both of them at some point, if nothing else than it would be kind of cool.


ATC testing

Testing out the new Artist Trading Cards (Strathmore Bristol ones) I bought to see how much better they are than my own hand cut ones, plus messing about with my new markers.
Not too happy with how all my markers came out a lot darker than on my regula…


Last LFR sketch

Last LFR sketch for this week. Got nearly an hour to work on this one x.xMy paladin Theary. 


Another LFR sketch

More LFR waiting sketches. The queue popped earlier than last time so no actual shoulderpads on this one.My mage, Nahane. 



Been playing a bit of WoW and levelling my lowbie warrior Hafwen. Dwarves are adorable on that big winged guardian =o
Not sure about that cropping yet tho *peer*


Happy holidays!

Just a quick little note to wish everyone happy holidays and to give some sign of life! I’ve been rather busy with World of Warcraft and a few other things lately and that combined...


WoW fan fiction – Reawakening

As some of you might recall, I decided to enter into the Girl Saves Boy Ficathon that was going in september. I did(!) finish my story but with the move of Eevia I never...


Art Exchange final

For once I actually stuck to my original idea, which is odd in itself. Done for the Valentine’s Day themed February exchange at the WoW Art Exchange community on LiveJournal. Ormolu’s character Rosewyn Bree...


Art dump

Firstly a little something that I’ve forgotten to post. When I were packing for moving over to Ireland I realized that the bag I had previously used was a tad small so I ended...