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What a long, weird trip it’s been…

This entire year has been different, tough, stressful and filled with anxiety while at the same time had some of the best moments. It’s been weird in general, and quite the roller coaster. Last...


Paladin Shoulderpads Mk I

I’ve sort of been on a wee bit of a cosplay hiatus for a few weeks after coming back from London Super Comic Con (pictures are still being uploaded to the gallery, by the...


Desucon 9

About two weeks ago (June 27) I got onto the bus down to Oslo to spend the weekend at Desucon 9. This is the second year I’ve attended Desucon with me having my cosplay debut...


Desucon, day 2 (and onwards)

I was intending to write a post about the last day of Desucon when I got back yesterday but I kind of got stuck playing King of Tokyo and Chaos in the Old World instead. ‘Twas awesome though. =D

So, here I’m sitting on the bus behind a pair of slightly older people who don’t know how much perfume is enough, heading to my friends in Sweden.
I’ve been up since 5 in the morning and I’ve slept some three-four hours (didn’t get in bed until around 1, didn’t get to sleep until almost an hour later, whoops) so I’m sorry if all this is a bit incoherent.

So, last day of Desucon. I was fairly tired from the first day so I decided to go in my civvies (in this case BSG tank top(s) and casual pants) and see if I could get a few more pictures this time around. It was an interesting turnaround from being in costume that’s for sure, it felt a bit like two different cons and I’m definitely going to go in costume for future cons. Only I need to either grab the boyfriend to be my “support” or somehow figure out hidden pockets for the smaller stuff and ditch the camera or make bags fitting the costume. Toph should be easy though, I’ll just need to put together an Earth Kingdom bag.
I was also a bit miffed that I didn’t go in costume as all of a sudden there was two Zuko, an Aang, an Azula and another Korra running around the floor. DOH!
The good part about being out of costume was that I actually saw a bit more and was able to get more photos. I still can’t edit them though which irks me, and my laptop is way too slow to even check all the pictures out properly. It’s a bit sad that my now almost 8 year old laptop is faster than this brand new one. *grumble grubmle*
All in all both days were great, I did get a few good (I hope) photos of the cosplay competition, some nice footage of the cosplay blind date and I like to think I accumulated a few new friends.

I do believe I’ve found “my thing” or at least parts of it in cosplaying and running around in costume, it felt real nice and I’m really hoping I can find both the space and the time to start constructing some bigger pieces I want to do!


Cosplay! =o

Toph costume is coming along, only really need small adjustments made to the clothes themselves then to put together the headband and the wig. And the wig is about halfway done already, it just needs to be sewn together and styled.
I just wish I had the body type to pull this off better, I’m a bit too round/compact for it =(

Though I must admit, for not really liking to sew I rather like putting together costumes in general. I love the problem solving and the feeling that (hopefully) I’ll have an awesome costume to run around in.

And with some luck, there will be photo shoots somewhere down the line which appeals to my ego.
I love standing in front of the camera even though I generally hate the outcome >.>