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I sketched stuff yesterday…. Not sure I’ll ever do anything with these so figured I’d just post them as is.

Top one is my Cadash Inquisitor, Maeva.
Bottom one is a rework of an old sketch (that I started to paint with watercolor but never finished). Old one has my One Winged Angel as a greek goddess-ish being, reworked it to her being a viking instead.


Comic scribbling

I have always wanted to draw a comic but I never quite got to it for different reasons. A couple of years ago I did try to start a sort of diary comic strip...


Let’s get on with it

Still not finished the two draft posts, but the ideas for them are still swimming around in my head so they will be finished at some point in time. For now though, I have...


Sketch dump

Sketch dump from this weekends doodling (and a couple of sketches from last weekend). Featuring a wonky Tali, my male Shepard, some Ophelia-esque doodle, my One Winged Angel, a guest ninja by Remi, my...