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Arkara’s Nightmare

I made this piece after main squad’s session 7 of the Mass Effect tabletop RPG that I’m a part of. It was a chilling and spooky session, and all around awesome! My poor Arkara...


Commission; Rayne T’kai

I’ve been on a binge and drawing for the Mass Effect RPG campaign I’m a part of and one of the other players commissioned me to do a portrait of his character Rayne as...


Shepard of the Galaxy

I’m finally done! For those of you who follow me on twitter/tumblr/instagram, you might’ve seen the progress pictures. I’ve been slaving away at this for about two-three weeks now and after having had to...


It’s finally happening! I got Mass Effect 3…

It’s finally happening! I got Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition the same week it was released but I haven’t touched the single player (I have played a fair bit of multiplayer though) until now. So, on November 7, N7 day, I decided it was finally time.
I had this grand plan for something I wanted to use as an introduction to this LP but in the end it was too ambitious, if I’d gone for it I wouldn’t have been able to start this anytime soon so I’m going to have to save it for an epic ending to the series instead!
Provided I can finish it for that D=

Anyhow, here’s the first episode of my blind Mass Effect 3 Let’s Play, enjoy!



The past couple of weeks I’ve been, as some of you know, working on getting a perfect save in Mass Effect 2 to import into Mass Effect 3. So far I’m only roughly a...


Slowpoke D=

So I had bartered my way into getting thursday and friday off last week in preparation for Mass Effect 3 only to be foiled on the day. The thing was, I had put in...


EA and Origins

I just read this article about how Mass Effect 3 will not be on Steam and this article on that you will need Origin to play the PC version and can’t help but shake...


Art is a funny thing

So, I haven’t had a whole lot to do that was work related this week. Instead I ended up working on a piece based on my black and white sketch that I did of...


Sketch dump

Sketch dump from this weekends doodling (and a couple of sketches from last weekend). Featuring a wonky Tali, my male Shepard, some Ophelia-esque doodle, my One Winged Angel, a guest ninja by Remi, my...