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Why I won’t LP/Stream Dark Souls and the likes

I’ve been binge watching Extra Play’s series on Dark Souls (with the under title “Dan sucks at Dark Souls”) lately and found myself oddly intrigued by the game. I’d previously heard about Dark Souls, how...


Let’s talk about Dandelion.

So, I spent most of yesterday doing something I’d never thought I would do. I played a dating sim, and I spent the entire day on it. And I’m likely to spend even more...


It’s finally happening! I got Mass Effect 3…

It’s finally happening! I got Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition the same week it was released but I haven’t touched the single player (I have played a fair bit of multiplayer though) until now. So, on November 7, N7 day, I decided it was finally time.
I had this grand plan for something I wanted to use as an introduction to this LP but in the end it was too ambitious, if I’d gone for it I wouldn’t have been able to start this anytime soon so I’m going to have to save it for an epic ending to the series instead!
Provided I can finish it for that D=

Anyhow, here’s the first episode of my blind Mass Effect 3 Let’s Play, enjoy!



The past couple of weeks I’ve been, as some of you know, working on getting a perfect save in Mass Effect 2 to import into Mass Effect 3. So far I’m only roughly a...


Slowpoke D=

So I had bartered my way into getting thursday and friday off last week in preparation for Mass Effect 3 only to be foiled on the day. The thing was, I had put in...


Space Marine

So, I FINALLY finished Space Marine. Good game, though quite frequently frustrating for me as I tend to tunnel vision on a small part of my screen which made me die to silly things (I hate you squigs!) and I was horribad at melee, but still. A good sta…


Updates and asking for a bit of feedback

I’m still trying to iron out the bumps in this layout, but most things should be working properly by now. The last bit that I’m aware of that’s “broken” is images in posts not...


Ohai thar

Over a month since my last proper post, oooh boy I’m bad at keeping this thing up to date. This time I suppose I do have an excuse though, having moved to a new...


Recording stuff

I’ve been really busy the last couple of weeks as I started my new job on the 15th along with two commissions besides that. It’s rather nice to have a good reason to get...


A small update

Just a small update to let you know that I’m still alive! I’m in the process of changing hosts so I might be a bit quiet for a while until I get that sorted...


Let’s Play!

After following Toegoff‘s brilliant LP adventures for quite a while and seeing my friend David starting his own LP channel I finally decided to jump onto the Let’s Play bandwagon! So far I’m enjoying...