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Quick RPG portrait: Allegra

I needed a portrait for my character for the Dragon Age: The Fateswain Saga RPG  that I’m a part of so I decided to try and make it as quickly as I could and using shortcuts...


Brb, moving

Busy moving so no posting for a little while! In the meantime, have a stress-relief sketch. No idea why I’m scribbling people in winter coats though.


Comic scribbling

I have always wanted to draw a comic but I never quite got to it for different reasons. A couple of years ago I did try to start a sort of diary comic strip...


1 hr pirate, yarr!

Poking my head back into Pirates of the Burning Sea got my fingers to itch. Thus, have a one hour speedpaint of my character Ekaterina de Sousa! Oh, and if you by any chance...


Art Exchange final

For once I actually stuck to my original idea, which is odd in itself. Done for the Valentine’s Day themed February exchange at the WoW Art Exchange community on LiveJournal. Ormolu’s character Rosewyn Bree...