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Maeva Cadash Inquisitor Tarot

After spending a lot of time drooling over the absolutely gorgeous tarot like cards in Dragon Age Inquisition I figured I’d try making one for my own Inquisitor. And… I’m actually quite pleased so...


Inquisitor Makeup Test

I tried to be my Cadash Inquisitor!

Markings are way too dark as I don’t own any lighter pencils to work with (unless you count a lipliner, but I don’t want pink markings >.>) and I don’t look dwarf-y enough, but I suppose it’s a good try considering.


ATC testing

Testing out the new Artist Trading Cards (Strathmore Bristol ones) I bought to see how much better they are than my own hand cut ones, plus messing about with my new markers.
Not too happy with how all my markers came out a lot darker than on my regula…