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Quick RPG portrait: Allegra

I needed a portrait for my character for the Dragon Age: The Fateswain Saga RPG  that I’m a part of so I decided to try and make it as quickly as I could and using shortcuts...


Maeva Cadash Inquisitor Tarot

After spending a lot of time drooling over the absolutely gorgeous tarot like cards in Dragon Age Inquisition I figured I’d try making one for my own Inquisitor. And… I’m actually quite pleased so...


Inquisitor Makeup Test

I tried to be my Cadash Inquisitor!

Markings are way too dark as I don’t own any lighter pencils to work with (unless you count a lipliner, but I don’t want pink markings >.>) and I don’t look dwarf-y enough, but I suppose it’s a good try considering.


Slowly, slowly (WIP)

My Erin Hawke from DA2, still verily much a work in progress as I’m still lacking all my proper photoshop brushes ;-;