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Cosplay! =o

Toph costume is coming along, only really need small adjustments made to the clothes themselves then to put together the headband and the wig. And the wig is about halfway done already, it just needs to be sewn together and styled.
I just wish I had the body type to pull this off better, I’m a bit too round/compact for it =(

Though I must admit, for not really liking to sew I rather like putting together costumes in general. I love the problem solving and the feeling that (hopefully) I’ll have an awesome costume to run around in.

And with some luck, there will be photo shoots somewhere down the line which appeals to my ego.
I love standing in front of the camera even though I generally hate the outcome >.>


See a trend?

Moar crap sketches while I’m trying to put off cleaning or doing anything useful.
Older Katara and Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender. Not sure if I’ll ever finish this, lately I haven’t really felt like finishing anything artsy, I’m just sket…



I haven’t sketched this much in ages.Toph is a hard one to pin down for me, I’m going to have to keep trying.
Also, my SW:TOR Zabrak smuggler Erin made her way into the mix. And a random angry Link.