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Quick RPG portrait: Allegra

I needed a portrait for my character for the Dragon Age: The Fateswain Saga RPG  that I’m a part of so I decided to try and make it as quickly as I could and using shortcuts...


Approximation and the value of references and foundations

I’ve been working on a few commissions lately and I’ve streamed some of the sketching/cleaning up process of them and in one such streaming session, I talked a little bit about references and approximation. The...


The Wednesday Club and my Origin story

I recently finished watching the first episode of The Wednesday Club on Geek and Sundry (slightly belated as I missed it when it aired) and it’s absolutely lovely. The VOD is currently only available...


Commission Drive

To request a commission, send an email to nightwolf@eevia.net with the following: The type of commission you want The brief; would you like? Pose, facial expressions, clothing, mood, colors, etc Any references you have (photos,...



This is incredibly late, but my autumn was far from without stress so this just fell to the wayside. Either way, I tried my hand at doing Inktober last year and while I only...


Ember Verrix

Meet Ember Verrix, my Tiefling rogue in the new D&D 5th ed campaign Empire: Sanctuary Lost. Seeing as I’ve recently finished Arkara in Mass Effect campaign and played in csgo with multiple accounts, I...


Arkara’s Nightmare

I made this piece after main squad’s session 7 of the Mass Effect tabletop RPG that I’m a part of. It was a chilling and spooky session, and all around awesome! My poor Arkara...


Commission; Rayne T’kai

I’ve been on a binge and drawing for the Mass Effect RPG campaign I’m a part of and one of the other players commissioned me to do a portrait of his character Rayne as...


Maeva Cadash Inquisitor Tarot

After spending a lot of time drooling over the absolutely gorgeous tarot like cards in Dragon Age Inquisition I figured I’d try making one for my own Inquisitor. And… I’m actually quite pleased so...



I sketched stuff yesterday…. Not sure I’ll ever do anything with these so figured I’d just post them as is.

Top one is my Cadash Inquisitor, Maeva.
Bottom one is a rework of an old sketch (that I started to paint with watercolor but never finished). Old one has my One Winged Angel as a greek goddess-ish being, reworked it to her being a viking instead.


Shepard of the Galaxy

I’m finally done! For those of you who follow me on twitter/tumblr/instagram, you might’ve seen the progress pictures. I’ve been slaving away at this for about two-three weeks now and after having had to...


An artists reminder

This is such a good reminder. It’s so easy to fall prey to the “devils”, to just give up or in my case get so frustrated you put it on the shelf indefinitely. To...