Let’s Play

What is Let’s Play?

Let’s Play (LP) is simply put someone playing a game and doing a running commentary while they are playing and then sharing it online. A lot of it goes up on youtube but there are quite a lot of it being streamed as well.
The general idea is basically an evolution of the old “gather at home and watch your friend/s play” concept. Some people record and upload everything, be it failures, deaths or running about like headless chickens and yet other people edit their playthroughs to aim it more towards a special area be it humour or “zomg skills”.
Also, there are generally two categories that Let’s Plays (LPs) fall under, the first being “blind LPs” where the person playing has never played the game previously and don’t know the story/what’s going to happen and the second one is the “non-blind LP” where the person playing has played the game previously, know where they’re going etc. This second  category tend to be a bit more like a walkthrough as he person has an easier time to navigate the game.

I personally fall into the record and share everything category because some people can hopefully get a kick out of my failures or find nooks and crannies they might have missed in their own playthroughs etc. Though I have recently started to edit down the tedious/boring running around.
In addition I try to keep my LPs blind because it seems like it’s more interesting for the viewer to hear the impromptu reaction.

When I do LPs I go for the story in games, I’m not one of those mad skills players that’ll pull off awesome stunts. At least not intentionally!
Whenever I play RPGs I go for all the quests, I try to explore as much as I can etc. which is quite evident in my Dragon Age 2 LP. But if you enjoy a good story, exploring or general shenanigans, feel free to check out my LPs.

Below are the list of my finished and current. I’m always open to suggestions as to what games you want me to play in the future, drop me a line on youtube, tumblr, email, comment, twitter or wherever you can find me with your suggestions and I’ll check it out!


Current Let’s Plays

Finished Let’s Plays

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