Toph – Avatar the Last Airbender

toph by Mia Cathrine Jensen
Photo by Mia Cathrine Jensen.

The costume that got me started on my cosplay journey.
It took me about a year and a half working on and off to finish. I originally intended to make it as a halloween costume but I wasn’t able to finish in time, and then I figured I’d use it for Free Comic Book Day as I was at the time working at the local geeky store. So, I debuted her on FCBD in 2012 or 2013 (I honestly can’t remember now). I then went on to wear her to my first ever convention and wore her for Desucon in Oslo the same year. And that got me completely hooked on the hobby. <3

As for the construction of the costume itself, the green parts are a stretchy cotton fabric (those pants are SO comfy) and the yellow parts are a non-stretch cotton. The belt and wrist/ankle bracers are fake leather (really awfully sewn as my machine hates fake leather and I had no clue what I was doing). The wig was made using two cheap black wigs (one short for the base and one long for the bun) I found on ebay, some cheap foam mats I had lying around and a LOT of hot glue. I folded the foam mats into roughly the right shape of the bun, which was harder than you’d think, glued them together and then covered the mats in a piece of black fabric as a base. Then I put the long wig over it, almost as if it was a wig head, slipped it forward a bit to be able to tuck it in on the underside of the foam mat bun (to hide the bangs and front parting) and spread the wig hair evenly over the bun. I glued most of the ends in the inside with fabric glue but I ended up sewing down a few strands that were too short and poking out in odd places.
Overall it looked alright, but I really want to remake the whole wig.

I made a lot of mistakes and I know a lot of things I’ll do differently when I remake this (because I will), but I absolutely LOVED being Toph and I’m definitely going to make more of her costumes.