Scout Harding – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Scout Harding
Photo by SynbiosTael.

Made for and worn at London MCM Expo in October 2015 as a part of a huge group of Dragon Age cosplayers (#InquisitionSquad <3).
I’m both happy and very unhappy with this costume. I really like how the paint job on all the armor and the tabard came out, but overall the entire costume was one big stress-filled anxiety hole to make.
A lot of the details were last minute things that I were sewing/gluing on just days before the convention in the room I was renting for the week, without all my tools etc. I’ve never hand sewn that much in my entire life.
Also, the breastplate doesn’t fit quite as it’s supposed to because when I initially started making it I was going to be using my usual chainmail instead of the printed fabric you see me using here. Thus, the side pieces at the front sit weirdly because the whole thing was patterned to fit over a bulkier chainmail.
Another point of way too much stress was the wig. It’s from Wig is Fashion, it looks great and I love it to bits and it’s probably the bit on the costume I’m the most happy with in general, BUT… It’s very back heavy due to the doubled up braid in the back and thus slips backwards all the time. You can ever so slightly see in the pictures that it’s started to slip, but the pictures were taken fairly early in the day so it hadn’t started to slip too far yet. I was supposed to be at a photo shoot the day before the convention but I was not able to attend due to my  wig simply refusing to stay in place, despite trying to glue the lacefront down four times. At the actual convention I were using a mix of wig tape (which surprisingly held it down much better than the spirit gum) and spirit gum in an attempt to keep it in place.

If I’m ever wearing her again, I’ll be making some adjustments to a few details, remaking a few bits and using my actual chainmail rather than this printed fabric. Most people said it looked good, but as someone who’s used to wearing and seeing chainmail, I really don’t think it looks good. Plus, I’d be using my viking bow and Seax as props, simply because they look so much better.