Post-apocalypse Merida

Post-apocalypse Merida
Photo by Starbit, also featuring the lovely Eirin as post apocalypse Pocahontas.

More or less a closet cosplay thrown together for a huge group of post apocalyptic Disney princesses that some friends decided to put together for Torucon 2014 as the theme was post apocalypse.

Overall this costume is a mix of general clothes I have in my closet, a couple of belts found at the Salvation Army, some of my viking stuff (bow, arrows, furs, archery accessories etc) and my cosplay protection gear (respirator, glasses).
The only things bought specifically for this costume were the belts, a pair of fake leather leggings and the “screen accurate” tartan and pattern fabric for the kilt/skirt.
Wig is one I found at LFCC in 2014, and I’m sadly not sure what company it was from as it’s quite an amazing wig overall. It’s got real nice fibers, the color is amazing and despite being really thick it breathes nicely.