Percy de Rolo – Critical Role

Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III

Vex & PercyVex by Woodsmoke and Words Cosplay, photo by Endlessly Creations.

Originally made and worn for London MCM Comic Con May in 2017 and will continue to be improved moving forward as it’s still missing the coat, proper belts etc.
This look is based mainly off of Kit Buss‘ official character art for Percy with influences from other fan art pieces.

While only halfway done, this costume has stretched my crafting and sewing knowledge a lot. The wig alone took me a few months to put together. I originally bought two wigs because I was unsure of the colour on either, one being a Marty in Light Grey from Arda Wigs and the other a Jack in Misty White from Coscraft. In the end I didn’t like either colour on their own so I decided that I would try to combine both wigs for a better grey colour and to get the thickness needed for such a short hairstyle. The Coscraft wig sat nicer on my head (though still slightly big because I barely have hair >.>) so I took apart the Marty wig completely and took out most of the crown wefts from the Jack before sewing the lacefront from the Marty onto the front of the Jack wig. Then it was just a matter of sewing in alternating wefts from both wigs to get a smooth colour and thickening it out enough that I could somewhat safely cut it really short in the back and the sides. This whole process took a long time because of hand sewing in all the wefts instead of taking the quicker route of gluing them. As a last bit of added polish I took a couple of lace strips left over and cut them into the correct shape for the sideburns and then glued on hair from leftover wefts and layered them darker and darker towards the bottom, ending up using a mix of natural grey and brown hair that I cut from another wig I had lying around. They were then sewn into the wig to make sure they stayed in the right place.
I was a bit scared the sideburns wouldn’t work out, but they actually look rather good.

The vest was made using a modified Simplicity 1039 pattern to get the particular collar shape. The purple fabric I believe is a synthetic silk dupioni, although I can be wrong as it was bought nearly 15 years ago and I had just enough of it to make the vest. My biggest problem while making this was that I had to learn how to sew welt pockets and I think each of the four pockets took between 2-4 hours to sew because I had to be sooo very careful not to make any mistakes.
The trim is a mix of sand coloured organza trim and a thin gold trim. I taped down the organza with washable fabric tape before sewing it down with a regular straight stitch around the edges (with gold embroidery thread to make sure it fit with the rest of the trim). I then hand sewn on all the gold trim on top.
The vest was then lined with a blue-grey synthetic lining fabric.

I originally intended to just buy a Regency style shirt because of time constraints but when I only had roughly one week left and the shirt hadn’t arrived I figured I’d have to try to make my own as I really didn’t want to buy anything more.
Thankfully my friends Tilda (Woodsmoke and Words Cosplay) and Ingrid (IngridBeast Cosplay) helped me out and led me to a good walkthrough on how to make your own 18th-century shirt. It took me the main part of a day to finish and I did a fair bit of finagling to make the sleeves work (apparently my measurements were off for the body part of the shirt, making the sleeves hang down to my elbows instead of off the shoulder like they’re supposed to). It’s sure as hell not pretty on the inside, but it did the job and I knew I’d be getting a “proper” shirt in the mail before I planned on wearing him next time.
The cravat is a nice linen fabric I had lying around in my viking stash and while it’s a wee bit too short for a proper cravat, it does the job and looks really good.
The metal clasp (which is actually designed to be a cloak clasp) was custom smithed for me by my boyfriend and it will be adorned with a raven skull once I get that far in the detailing (which should also help it stay upright instead of sliding sideways like in the photos).
With one day left I had to throw together a pair of spats to cover up my rather feminine boots and to my surprise they actually turned out alright and did the job. I am planning on remaking them properly and more elaborate though.

Once I finish the coat and all the rest of the details I’ll add write ups on those pieces as well. =)