Peggy Carter – Captain America

Peggy Carter
Photo by Torygan Photography.

Made for and worn at Torucon 2015. It ended up being a bit of a rush job because of me not being at home over the summer (the jacket lining is kind of weird due to lack of access to decent fabric store) and having a huge art project land in my lap at the same time.
I ended up redoing the collar/lapels something like three times and I’m still not entirely happy with how it turned out so I’m very likely to redo the jacket at some point (if/when I ever get the time). Overall though, the costume came together nicely and my wig turned out absolutely fabulous. Despite me having NO clue what I’m doing. I can definitely recommend Wig is Fashion‘s lace front wigs, I now own three of them and they’re gorgeous right out of the bag, the quality is really nice and they’re really easy to work with. Plus, the company is really quick about responding to questions and they do actual express shipping, not just pretending to. <3
The pistol was made by the talented Kimchi Workshop.