Jade – Beyond Good & Evil

Photo by Super Effective Photography.

Jade from Beyond Good and Evil.
I love this costume, it’s incredibly comfortable, I have a reason to run around with my camera and I love Jade’s personality so it’s a delight to run around in character.
The only downside is that there are so few people that know who I’m supposed to be. Then again, the people who do know are awesome. <3

The costume is made out of some sort of thicker cotton, the lining of the coat is a scrap piece of thin wool-blend I had lying around. The original belts for the costume were fake leather but after wearing the costume a couple of times I noticed they were stretching so I made new ones out of real leather I scavenged from an old jacket I found at the Salvation Army.
The pattern on the pants were drawn on with a regular marker. They’re not as nice as I had planned out because I tried getting some masking patterns printed out but I never got them from the printer so I ended up freehanding them (without my proper sketches) the night before the first con.
The wig is a Magnum in Black from Arda Wigs and it was the first time I tried cutting a wig and I’m actually really happy with how it turned out.

This costume will get a bit of a make over at some point as the pants needs to be remade, both because I want to make them a bit bigger so I can move a bit better in them (or change materials to something a wee bit stretchy) and I want to remake the patterns to look a bit better.