Concept Art Solas – Dragon Age: Inquisition

SolasPhoto by Sandijs Skujiņš.

Originally made and worn for London MCM Comic Con May in 2016 and has been improved upon in several iterations over the course of the year.
The mostly finished version was used in the Torucon cosplay competition in 2016 and ended up in second place in the casual category.

I ended up using quite a few bits and pieces from my Viking reenactment kit for this one, such as real rabbit fur wrapped around the arm and my wolf fur trim around the body.
The neck and leg leather pieces are faux leather, as is the hand sewn trim around the tunic collar and sleeves. The neckbrace and legwraps were patterned out by wrapping clingfilm and duct tape around my neck and legs and the pattern drawn on top of that, cut out, added seam allowances and then sewn mockups of to test the patterns themselves. It was surprisingly easy to get to work right and I’m very happy with how they turned out. Both pieces are closed with buttons in the back.
The coat is a heavily modded Simplicity 1039 pattern with the added hood from the Simplicity 1040 pattern, the outer layer is stretch jersey back with a heavy linen lining.
The belts were found at the Salvation Army store and the pouches are from my Viking kit.
Pants were based on a pair of faux leather leggings I had at home and were made out of comfy stretch jersey with faux leather inlays to create the subtle pattern on the thighs. Sadly no one ever really sees that detail, but I know it’s there. 😉

I made the dreads out of yarn, following a wide variety of tutorials online (just searching “yarn dreads” on youtube will net you a good amount of tutorials) and sewed them onto wig clips to make them sit right. I am planning on making a lacefront for them as well to blend them better but I have not quite had the time yet.

And lastly, the skull and jawbone were sculpted in Cernit polymer clay and painted using acrylics.

I love this costume to bits. It’s hot as all hells due to all the layers and furs, but it is also one of the most comfortable costumes I’ve ever had and I feel totally badass being Solas.
There are plans for making a fitting staff (also based on the concept art) at some point, but for right now he will have to do without one.