Brienne – Game of Thrones

Photo by Starbit.

This was both a rush job and a carefully planned one… A couple of friends of mine do an amazing Margaery and Cersei respectively and they wanted me to join in on the Game of Thrones cosplays. Considering I’ve always loved Brienne in the books I figured that I’d give it a go, and due to the time constraints for the con it was planned for I figured I’d go for her King’s Landing/Purple Wedding outfit.

The costume is made out of a plant dyed(!) wool that I found just a couple of weeks before the con at Trondheim viking market (from Faserhaus), with nearly a perfect diamond weave and everything. I embroidered the Tarth crest myself, and the colors are a little bit off (and my embroidery skills are abysmal) and I believe that the embroidery was the most time consuming of the entire costume as I sank roughly 16 hours just on the embroidery.