Aomine Daiki – Kuroko No Basket

Photo by Endlessly Creations, edit by me.

Costume bought for a Kuroko no Basket group that me, Endlessly Creations and Blitzhellion Cosplay had planned for London MCM October in 2015 as a casual and simple sunday con-day group.
I found the costume on ebay and the wig is a Prince from Coscraft. I’m incredibly impressed by their Prince wigs, it’s so far hands down the best wig I’ve seen for really short hairstyles as it is tightly wefted without getting too thick. So if you ever have a character with really short hair like Aomine, do look into the Prince line at Coscraft! The only downside so far for me is that they can be quite shiny in photos, but I’m sure that could be managed with one of the different mattening techniques out there, I just haven’t been arsed to try it out on mine yet.

Overall our little group was an awesome experience and I’m surprised with how at ease I actually felt being Aomine. Finally a character where my resting bitch face comes in handy! ;D