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TophWhy Cosplay?

I’ve been cosplaying for roughly 3 (possibly 4) years by now and by the way things are going, I’m not stopping anytime soon.
The first time I found cosplay was way back, somewhere around 1999-2000 when I stumbled upon amazing ladies like Yaya Han and Adella and realized that there were people out there who made these amazing costumes and dressed up as my favorite characters from games and anime. I spent hours looking around online, looking up different cosplayers and their costumes and wishing I could do it too.
I always wanted to try it myself, but my 15-16 year old self was way too self conscious and had no self esteem so I never dared to try it. And I never knew about any cosplayers or conventions with cosplay in Sweden at the time. So I eventually let it go and didn’t much think about it for quite a few years.Jade: Jacket mockup

Fast forward to 2012-ish, I was working in a geeky store where quite a few of my colleagues and the clientele are cosplayers and after having been to the tail end of Torucon the year before, I decided that screw it, I’m gonna do this.
So, after some thought I started working on a Toph (from Avatar the Last Airbender) costume for Halloween (it should be added that I wasn’t able to finish it in time for Halloween). About a year later I traveled down to one of Norway’s biggest conventions, Desucon. I went alone and I didn’t really have a clue what to expect. And it was absolutely amazing. Already in the queue I met people I had met occasionally through work and four people I had never met before came up to hug me and complement my costume.

Now here I am, some three years later. I’ve met so many fantastic new friends, made a lot of fantastic memories and seen a lot of awesome conventions over the past few years and I’m looking forward to many more of the years to come!

Peggy CarterMy Costumes

In the menu above you can check out the different costumes I’ve made/worn so far, I’ve written a little about each costume in terms of what it was for, how I made them etc. So far I have made the following costumes, in order of year I debuted them:

Future/Planned Costumes

I have a huge list of cosplays that I would love to do (as my pinterest board can attest to, and it’s not even up to date). However, having learned from previous experiences, I’m not going to state that I’m going to do certain costumes by certain times as usually things take a lot longer that anticipated.
That said, I have promised myself to various groups, so these are the costumes that will be coming up next in some fashion:

  • Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III – Critical Role
  • Roadhog (fem version) – Overwatch
  • Vincent Valentine – Final Fantasy 7 (original, not AC or DoC)
  • Art Nouveau Toph – Hannah Alexander
  • Remade/Embellished Belldandy – Ah! Megami-Sama!