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I haven’t had the time to type up a decent post-con report of this years Torucon that was this past weekend, but I did finally set up my cosplay section here on Eevia! Feel...


Inquisitor Makeup Test

I tried to be my Cadash Inquisitor!

Markings are way too dark as I don’t own any lighter pencils to work with (unless you count a lipliner, but I don’t want pink markings >.>) and I don’t look dwarf-y enough, but I suppose it’s a good try considering.


Paladin Shoulderpads Mk I

I’ve sort of been on a wee bit of a cosplay hiatus for a few weeks after coming back from London Super Comic Con (pictures are still being uploaded to the gallery, by the...


On angst and cosplay

I was supposed to do a write up of my trip to LFCC and Torucon, but this has been wiggling around in my head since I first read the sad news about Robin Williams...


Desucon 9

About two weeks ago (June 27) I got onto the bus down to Oslo to spend the weekend at Desucon 9. This is the second year I’ve attended Desucon with me having my cosplay debut...


Cosplay! =o

Toph costume is coming along, only really need small adjustments made to the clothes themselves then to put together the headband and the wig. And the wig is about halfway done already, it just needs to be sewn together and styled.
I just wish I had the body type to pull this off better, I’m a bit too round/compact for it =(

Though I must admit, for not really liking to sew I rather like putting together costumes in general. I love the problem solving and the feeling that (hopefully) I’ll have an awesome costume to run around in.

And with some luck, there will be photo shoots somewhere down the line which appeals to my ego.
I love standing in front of the camera even though I generally hate the outcome >.>