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See a trend?

Moar crap sketches while I’m trying to put off cleaning or doing anything useful.
Older Katara and Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender. Not sure if I’ll ever finish this, lately I haven’t really felt like finishing anything artsy, I’m just sket…


Oh em gee, smut!

Felt like drawing something smutty, then somehow I ended up with Näcken and one of my oldest, still unnamed, characters kissing in a creek. Not sure how that happened. o.O


Last LFR sketch

Last LFR sketch for this week. Got nearly an hour to work on this one x.xMy paladin Theary. 


Another LFR sketch

More LFR waiting sketches. The queue popped earlier than last time so no actual shoulderpads on this one.My mage, Nahane. 



I haven’t sketched this much in ages.Toph is a hard one to pin down for me, I’m going to have to keep trying.
Also, my SW:TOR Zabrak smuggler Erin made her way into the mix. And a random angry Link.


Space Marine

So, I FINALLY finished Space Marine. Good game, though quite frequently frustrating for me as I tend to tunnel vision on a small part of my screen which made me die to silly things (I hate you squigs!) and I was horribad at melee, but still. A good sta…


Slowly, slowly (WIP)

My Erin Hawke from DA2, still verily much a work in progress as I’m still lacking all my proper photoshop brushes ;-;



Been playing a bit of WoW and levelling my lowbie warrior Hafwen. Dwarves are adorable on that big winged guardian =o
Not sure about that cropping yet tho *peer*


Artist advice



I’m asked this at least once a day, and I always respond with a variation on the same answer, so here it is for the record: My advice.
Draw every day. Not once a week, not when you feel like it. Every single day. Draw when you


Art is a funny thing

So, I haven’t had a whole lot to do that was work related this week. Instead I ended up working on a piece based on my black and white sketch that I did of...