Quick RPG portrait: Allegra

Allegra Pacifica Orsini

I needed a portrait for my character for the Dragon Age: The Fateswain Saga RPG  that I’m a part of so I decided to try and make it as quickly as I could and using shortcuts where I found them.
As such I started by making a character as close as I could to what I had in mind with the Dragon Age Inquisition character creator and took screenshots that I could use to trace the general outlines so I wouldn’t have to go through an hour or two of sketching out and hoping I’d get everything aligned properly.
After I had the rough outlines I simply started painting in the rough colours underneath the lines and when I had a general shading that I liked I started painting on top of the line art to get rid of it and start detailing everything. I kept the screenshot I had used on my second monitor as a reference for the bone structure and general look.
In total, I think this piece took me roughly three hours or so to complete. Possibly a little longer as I forgot to check the exact time I started working on it.

I feel a bit guilty for having traced the general outlines, but then again, I wouldn’t have had the time to make this piece if I hadn’t so I’m trying to shrug off that feeling of “cheating”. Besides, if it’s not tracing someone else’s work and it helps me produce decent quality works faster, why the heck not?
Plus, it’s something I very rarely do, so I’m being very careful to not make it a crutch so I can still draw even without tracing.

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