Wednesday Club Episode 1 Shownotes

So, I figured that since I would be googling and looking up a fair amount of these comics and other similar things from the Wednesday Club episodes I might as well share my findings with the rest of the world.
Hopefully someone will find this useful and if you do, please let me know!

These links will be meant as a companion/reference to the episode and I’ve tried to keep the links roughly in the same order they’re talked about on the show. I will not be doing time stamps unfortunately as the show is broadcast and saved on different platforms and as such in different lengths.
Also, all of the Comixology links will be to the EU version of the site because I’m an EU resident but the site should prompt you to go to the US version if applicable and should it for some reason not, just swap out the .eu to a .com in the link and it’ll take you to the correct page.

The comic book outrage, Fredric Wertham and his book Seduction of the Innocent.
Comics Code – Wikipedia articleCBLDF article

Amy’s Origin story
X-Men #36 or #37 – most likely refers to volume 2 issue #36 and volume 2 issue #37 as they are from the same year as the Generation X issue also mentioned
Generation X #5
Kate Beaton/Hark a Vagrant
Ryan North/Dinosaur Comics
David Malki/Wondermark

Taliesin’s Origin story
V for Vendetta

Eisner Awards – Wikipedia article & official site

Grant Morrison

The Alice Cooper/Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean comic, The Last Temptation – Wikipedia article & Goodreads page

The safe comic book stores Tumblr
The comic book store valkyries

Comixology – EU Site – US Site

Sidenote – Jessica Dru 

Rumiko Takahashi – Wikipedia article
Tutored under Kazuo Koike (Wikipedia article) who created Crying Freeman and Lone Wolf and Cub 
Rumic World shorts
Ranma ½
Maison Ikkoku
Urusei Yatsura

Strangers in Paradise 
X-Men Japanese Openings

America Chavez solo title
Marvel Multiverse
Young Avengers (Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie)

The Boys

What comics changed you
Jack Kirby (Wikipedia article)
Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
V for Vendetta
Fun Home
Neil Gaiman’s Death (The Time of Your Life/The High Cost of Living)
Doctor Strange
Squirrel Girl


Essay on comic book retcons by category

Digital Comics distributors (in addition to Comixology)
Hoopla digital comics

Marvel Unlimited

Matt’s larposal video

The Wicked + The Divine

Legion TV series
X-Men Legacy
Moon Knight, Bendis run
Moon Knight, Ellis run
Doom Patrol, Grant Morrison run

Y: The Last Man
Runaways, Brian K Vaughan run
Runaways TV show
Avengers Arena
DC Bombshells
X-Men Second Coming
New Teen Titans, 80’s run
Teen Titans Rebirth
Titans Rebirth
Gotham Academy
Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan)
Man-Thing, R. L. Stine run
Fantastic Four, Jonathan Hickman
Secret Wars
The Walking Dead
Jodi Houser

Did I miss something? Did I get something wrong? A link not working? Please let me know so I can fix it, thanks!
I would also love feedback on formatting etc!

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