• Inktober 2016 -Garnet
    Newly formed Garnet from Steven Universe.
  • Inktober 2016 -Harlock
    Captain Harlock.
  • Inktober 2016 - Percy
    Percy from Critical Role.
  • Inktober 2016 - Percy
    Percy from Critical Role.
  • Inktober 2016 - Vex & Trinket
    Vex'ahlia & Trinket from Critical Role.
  • Inktober 2016 - Witchsona
    A failed try at a Witchsona.

This is incredibly late, but my autumn was far from without stress so this just fell to the wayside.
Either way, I tried my hand at doing Inktober last year and while I only did around 7 or 8 pictures in total, I’m still quite proud of that as that’s a huge improvement from previous attempts.
So, I present the pieces that I still have and have been able to scan (one piece was a portrait of a friend that I gave to said friend and the last one is lost somewhere).
Critical Role has been a huge part of my past year and the autumn saw some really intense parts. o.o;;

Each piece can be viewed in the Fan Art gallery for the fan art pieces and the Witchsona/self portrait can be found in the Personal gallery.

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