Desucon 9

About two weeks ago (June 27) I got onto the bus down to Oslo to spend the weekend at Desucon 9. This is the second year I’ve attended Desucon with me having my cosplay debut at Desucon 8 last year as Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender. I decided at the start of the year that I would dedicate this year to cosplay and attending conventions and my initial plan was just to attend Desucon and Torucon. That list has been doubled (and may turn into tripled depending on my economy towards autumn) already and I’ve now started going through the list. Desucon felt slightly less bewildering this year as I now actually knew some people who were going (which I didn’t really last year) and they had improved the con somewhat. I ended up debuting my Brienne (wedding/King’s Landing outfit) and my Jade from Beyond Good and Evil. Despite spending the bus trip to Oslo still sewing on Brienne (I reeeally dislike embroidery to start with and I’m no more of a fan after the Tarth crest) and sitting up until roughly 2-3 in the morning both friday and saturday to finish the patterns on Jade’s pants I felt rather good about both costumes. I’m slightly less confident in Brienne, but that’s mostly because I’m having trouble capturing the likeness/feel of her. Jade on the other hand surprised me with how well it all came together, and that I somehow, magically, managed to do a decent makeup style. But now I’ve been stressing with making the props for Jade as I wanted to have them done for London Film & Comic Con. But, this is about Desucon!

e con was three days this year but as I arrived so late on friday I decided to only go for saturday and sunday. I spent saturday as Brienne as there was a planned Game of Thrones meet up at the con. I fairly quickly got snatched up by a big group of other GoT cosplayers and spent quite a bit of time with them. I even walked up on stage for the Cosplay Catwalk segment, which was kind of scary, but awesome, but scary. =D For future cosplays though, I need to make sure I can get in and out of the costume on my own. With Brienne the costume is laced up in the back and I need someone to help me with it to get it on and off, and this little quirk resulted in me not being able to go to the bathroom while at the con. =p
I got to see a lot of other awesome cosplayers and talk to a lot of new awesome people. I even got myself a commission from the lovely Linn, who’s art I’ve been oogling for over a year when I first saw her last Desucon. I’m still very awkward with carrying around the camera while in costume, I need to figure out some way to hide it but still have it easily accessible. But I managed to tag along with a few friends when they headed outside for an impromptu Lord of the Rings photoshoot and ended up with quite a few good pictures, followed by some dwarven tomfoolery that yielded even more good pictures! =D Though I guess it must’ve looked odd with a Brienne taking pictures of all those elves. 😉

On sunday I donned Jade for the first time and I must say I loved being able to walk around with the camera out and still be able to consider myself as “in character”. And I was surprised at having several people recognize me, and even a few actually squeeing when they saw me, I had thought that only one or  two people would know who I was. So that was rather nice! In general Sunday was spent socializing and running around trying to get pictures of awesome people. And the Cosplay competition finale of course. I did take some video footage from it but I haven’t had time to edit it together yet as I want to make a vlog out of it. There really isn’t enough video material/context without me talking about it in addition. =p But needless to say, the performances were brilliant! At the end of the day I walked home with my head full of awesome costumes and people, my camera with some 917 photos on it and a bag with awesome art and a cute little plushie Poro. Next year will be the 10th anniversary for Desucon so I’m looking forward to going back for that. But next on the agenda is London Film and Comic Con, my first time at an international convention. There are some amazing guests (I already have my ticket for a photo with Edward James Olmos), tons of cosplayers and if videos of previous LFCC’s are any judge the quality is going to be awesome!

Click any of the photos below to see the entire gallery from Desucon 9!

Desucon 2014 - Salamander HugDesucon 2014 - In the Elven CouncilDesucon 2014 - Yasuo & Soraka

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