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Inspired by every student whose told they can’t be an artist because it doesn’t “make enough money”.

I am reposting this because the original message is strong.  Don’t hate on someone for trying to tell you do whatever you can to do what you love.

I wish I had seen this when I were a teenager.
I listened to my mom when she said I shouldn’t go for an art program in school because she didn’t think I could make a career out of it and went for studying TV & Film making because I figured that was almost the same thing (y’know, at least creative) and instead of doing the theater stuff I really wanted I could at least stand behind the camera that way.

And it sucked. Soooo bad. So now, nearing 30, working in retail and having two half-assed (and unfinished to boot) educations in my back pocket I really wish I could’ve had someone to tell me the “This is your life, not your parents.” part. I did have a fair amount of people telling me to go for drama and art, but sadly I listened to my parental unit.
I don’t blame her though, she only wanted me to have a good/”easy” life and while I’m not really happy with where I am in life and what I’m doing for a job, I’ve finally started to steer my life in a direction I want.
I’m far from there, and things will go really slow as I have to balance my current job with nurturing my skills within the fields I enjoy, but at least I’m starting to know where I want to go again. =)

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