ATC testing

Testing out the new Artist Trading Cards (Strathmore Bristol ones) I bought to see how much better they are than my own hand cut ones, plus messing about with my new markers.

Not too happy with how all my markers came out a lot darker than on my regular paper, and they do bleed a little bit on the surface. Though this was the vellum surface card so the smooth surface ones may work better. Going to have to try one of the watercolor ones as well further on, though from the look and feel of those they’re more or less the same as my regular watercolor paper so those should turn out better.

As a drawing, not very happy with it but I did learn a few things both about my markers and the paper quality so I guess it’s not a total waste.
Oh, and if anyone have suggestions for other types of ATC paper that works better with markers, please let me know the name and where to get them! I’m experimenting with different paper quite a bit and I want to be able to do more durable ATC cards than I have been able to do previously.

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