That one summer

This summer sure was eventful. But not necessarily in the way I had planned.
It’s my first summer in a long while that I’ve had a job, and the first summer where I actually had decent amounts of money thanks to said job.

And it started out pretty nice as well, the fighting scene for Korsvikaspillet was looking much better this year, rehearsals were looking good and the Viking market was just around the corner along with the premiere.
And I had found a brilliant looking helmet at an earlier viking market and I got to borrow a decent cap from a friend so I was able to wear it for the fighting scene along with a nice chest armor he had lying around. All in all, things were looking awesome!
And to top it off, my mom was visiting. I was very excited to show her the viking market, the feast and the play. Basically show her the new things in my life that I thought she might appreciate.

The first day of the market and the premiere rolls around. I had enrolled in a forging course so me and the boyfriend went to the market early to get started. We had slept fairly little due to staying up a bit later than planned the day before but off we went, still being fairly hungry as well as we didn’t have that much for breakfast.
We soon forgot about our hunger and sleepiness when we set about to try to learn to forge nails. Let me tell you, it may sound/look easy, but it really isn’t.
Anyhow, fast forward a few hours. The boyfriend got dragged away to help out with the Glima course as there wasn’t really enough members present for it. Curious I went over to have a look and I ended up getting dragged into it as well. I mostly went against the other girl present, us two being in at least a fairly similar weight class. The different ways of tripping the other person we learned got me a bit concerned and anxious because there was a fair bit of getting the other person to fall more or less over your ankle and since I have weak ankles from before… But it went alright so I figured that it’d be alright. And then it was decided that we’d do an actual fight. It was intense, but fairly short and I got out victorious. But as it was so short, the guy in charge told us to go again; “Best of three!”. And we went at it again, even though by this time I was slightly dizzy (remember, I had barely slept nor eaten anything for hours by this point) and felt a bit weak. I told myself to toughen it out, I had fought while being just as tired before and handled it well.
Then we both decided to trip each other and as I felt myself losing balance I also felt like something else went wrong and my first thought was “I hope I didn’t hurt her!”.So i injured myself like this but i had luck that i used no win no fee solicitors.
And so as I fell down, my own left leg came into view.

(that picture is not exaggerated, my foot was pretty much looking like that)
I didn’t realise I was screaming like possessed until after I hit the ground and the shock made itself known. People were incredibly nice and helpful though and after I had gotten myself to stop screaming I was actually pretty calm. I think the one who took it the hardest was the boyo and I think he did the crying for me right then. All in all the foot didn’t really hurt, it just felt warm and heavy in general.
Some 10-15 minutes later the ambulance showed up, pumped me full of morphine and set my ankle more or less straight before rushing me to the hospital.
There was a lot of waiting at the hospital itself, but thankfully I had my boyo with me to keep me company for the first few hours before he had to go back for his role in Korsvika.
All those hours waiting I was hoping against hope that I could just get my foot set straight, possibly a cast and then go home. I had heard from the ambulance personnel that the most likely thing would be an operation and that scared the hell out of me. I’ve always had a fear for operations for some reason, and the prospect of having to go through one was very frightening indeed.
Then after many hours of waiting I was finally rolled into the x-ray room to get my pictures taken. After that there was another hour or so before I got to talk to the doctor again and actually see how my ankle looked on the inside. It wasn’t pretty, that’s for sure.

Everything was off center and there were a few fractures going through both bones. And one unidentified little bone piece floating around in the middle of nowhere.
That’s when I tiredly accepted that yes, I would have to get that operation done. I was then fretting about getting to sleep through it rather than just anesthetics. I did NOT want to be awake, see or feel anything of it.
The doctor told me then that I’d get to talk it over with the people doing the operation when the time came, but that they were wondering if it could be done the same evening or if it’d have to wait due to my foot being swollen. Thankfully, it turned out that it wasn’t too swollen for it and late that night, after fasting for about 13 hours, barely having slept the night before and barely drunk any water the whole day. I was tired by that point.
Though, I had one last scare that evening. When they rolled me into the operation room the doctor there told me he wanted to give me a spinal. Basically a big needle of anesthetic into my back. Did I ever mention that I HATE needles? And that for me, they hurt like hell? The blood sample and all the other needles I had suffered thus far that day had hurt more than the bloody ankle. I almost panicked and begged for them to let me sleep through it and thankfully, the doctor agreed but warned me that I was likely to feel worse for wear this way. But I was set to fall asleep and I think I was so tired by then that I actually fell asleep before the drug got me.

Some hours later I woke up, parched and still tired, but not feeling a whole lot else. After I’d gotten some water from one of the nurses I set my mind to feel around, see how I really felt. And it wasn’t too bad considering the circumstances. I wasn’t feeling nauseous as they had warned me I would be, nor did the foot hurt that much. It was a slight dull throbbing from time to time, but it just felt like it was swollen, nothing more.
Eventually I was rolled into a room of my own and I got to get a few hours more of proper sleep before calling my mom and boyfriend to come visit me.

I was allowed to go home later that same afternoon after getting treated to a spiffy purple cast. It was both nice and sad that my mom was visiting when it happened because while it rather sucked, she had the car so she was able to drive me home.
And as a sidenote, I’m glad crutches have gotten slightly more comfortable grips these days. When I was… 10, 12?… and hurt my ankle (deja vu, though back then I didn’t fracture or dislocate anything) and had to hop around on crutches the grips where of hard plastic and hurt like a bitch. At least now they seem to have some sort of rubber(?) coating. Something slightly softer anyhow. Still hurts after a while, but much less so.

The doctors had told me to keep still and keep the foot in a high position the first week. Now, I’m not necessarily the person to sit still. While I can sit in front of the computer for ages, I just can’t sit still when there’s other awesome stuff to be done!
So, the day after I came home mom and I armed ourselves with our new cameras, a wheelchair, my crutches and my morphine pills and headed to see the play. If I couldn’t be in it, at least I was going to see it!
So now at least I know what the play is all about! I had only gotten glimpses of it before as I’ve only been backstage/fighting previously.

After the play we went to the viking market to show people I was still alive and for me to browse around a bit as I never had a chance to before the accident. I ended up getting myself a new sword as consolidation and as a carrot for when I get better again.

It’s been one long month full of worrying, flashes of pain, and a few bouts of hysterical crying. I don’t think the shock completely went away either, as those bouts of crying indicated. And I kept worrying the whole way through if something was wrong every time something hurt. But thinking back on it, I think the stitches actually hurt the most. And getting rid of the stitches was a pain, but I was lucky and got a very gentle lady to remove them and she was very careful with it all. There was only one stitch they had to forcibly pull out due to a tiny knot on the thread but the rest of them came out fairly easy.

I just got my cast removed and I got to sneak a peek at the new x-rays of my ankle, which was pretty interesting to see what they’d done in there. I had only read about it and I wasn’t sure what it actually meant.

So now I’ve got a plate fixed to my bone and some funky looking screws. I think I missed painting in two screws as it’s supposed to be six of the.. Everything seems to be in the right place and holding steady though, which was quite a relief.

And you know what? Being able to take my first unassisted shower and getting to clean my leg for the first time in 1½ month was absolutely amazing. I think the word that describes the feeling best is orgasmic.
Granted, I had to sit on the floor of our small shower, and it was quite the venture to get in and out, but it was absolutely amazing. I’m not sure how long I just sat there letting the water run over the leg and carefully scratching off dead skin. A-fuckin’-mazing.
Now I’m shuffling around trying to teach the foot how to walk properly again and it’s more painful than ever, but it does feel amazing to actually feel like you have a foot again. And it’s only been about two days but I can somewhat walk without the crutches for shorter distances. So here’s to hoping that I may yet be able to return to sword fighting and ju-jutsu before the year is over.

So, the summer has been eventful, but at the same time not as I’ve mostly been sitting on my behind. I’m looking forward to being able to walk properly again, but it’s going to be hard getting back to work again though. I’ve gotten back into my old snails pace of doing things so going back to a busy workplace and keeping up with everything’s going to be hard. But hopefully this time I can whip up enough discipline to keep going with producing videos and drawing, which is pretty much the little productive work I’ve done lately, despite being busy at work. But, time will tell, for now I’m going to focus on finishing the few projects I’m halfway into and work up the strength in my foot.

I sort of doubt that anyone finds this interesting or anything, but I felt like I should put it online, archive it in a way, for my own future self. My memory quickly goes fuzzy so it’s good to be able to go back and read what I went through at the time.

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