The past couple of weeks I’ve been, as some of you know, working on getting a perfect save in Mass Effect 2 to import into Mass Effect 3. So far I’m only roughly a third, possibly half way into ME2 and people are constantly nagging me about “aren’t you done YET?!” or “why haven’t you started ME3 yet?!”. And quite frankly I’m sick of it, to such a degree that I’ve somewhat lost the urge to play ME3. Right now I mostly just feel like I want to sit down with DA2 and AC2 and just LP that, faff about in ME2 every now and then until I have my perfect save and generally just do other things.
I guess that people doesn’t realize that I have a lot of other things I do. Gaming is a big part of my life, sure, but I got jujutsu, sword training, drawing, voice training, miniature painting, sewing (and other cosplay stuff) AND I have to fit in making food, cleaning and all that stuff somewhere. It doesn’t help that my natural reaction to people pushing me to do things is to turn around and do the complete opposite. In this case, lose my eagerness to play and just sit around and do other things.

So far the stress of “living up to the gaming expectations” has had me sit around feeling stressed and doing absolutely fuck all for nearly a week and a half when it comes to my spare time. I haven’t been drawing nearly anything even though I have tons of ideas, I’ve barely been playing as I’m too restless to concentrate, no sewing/patternmaking has been done, I haven’t gotten myself to clean the apartment nor have I done any proper voice training like I’d planned.
It’s all just very frustrating and I’m tired of having to run and hide because people are spouting ME3 spoilers all over the place. It’s been nagging me for a while and it feels sort of good to get it out, even if it’s just in written form. I might spew a bit about it in a vlog as well, but we’ll see if I’ve calmed down until such a time as I can put it together.

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