Slowpoke D=

So I had bartered my way into getting thursday and friday off last week in preparation for Mass Effect 3 only to be foiled on the day.
The thing was, I had put in a preorder for the ME3 Collector’s Edition in like, november. Or so I thought, apparently something went wrong along the way and I was only written down as having preordered a normal copy so when I went to the store to pick it up they didn’t have any Collector’s Editions for the PC so I couldn’t even try to claim one despite the preorder being borked. So, I declined my normal copy because I really want my CE (I mean, c’mon, CE has a Normandy litograph!) and then I went hunting online. Turns out, there’s only one online store in the whole of Norway who had any copies of the PC version of the collector’s edition and it was terribly expensive. So I had to turn to ebay and I lucked out and found a copy that cost slightly less with express shipping included than the copy in Norway did without shipping.
Either way, I thought I’d spend the weekend finishing my perfect save in Mass Effect 2 and work up a Let’s Play buffer for when I do get ME3 as stuff will likely be put on hold by then in favour of ME3. But nope, I ended up with a grand total of 40 minutes of ME2 played over four days. I’ve been so tired that I’ve only been poking around in World of Warcraft (brainless activity, ho!) and while I did manage to get my warrior to 75, my shaman to 83, my rogue to 82 (cheated on the rogue with a scroll of resurrection to get it to 80 tho) I don’t really feel I got a whole lot done. I didn’t even put together the last of the IKEA stuff that we still have in boxes.
So, my energy levels have been totally rock bottom since I was sick and it’s terribly frustrating. At least I’ve managed to finally start training again this week, but my neck, back and thighs are totally wrecked after circuit training on monday and jujutsu training yesterday. The upside though I suppose is that I’ve lost roughly 3 kilos thanks to sickness and the fact my stomach’s been pretty small after it.
Hopefully though I can keep my energy high enough to do some LP, a vlog and more ME2 marathon today. D=

Anyhow, I better stop spewing out random stuff.
Before I go do other stuff though I’d like to point out that I’ve added a new page here on Eevia, “Let’s Play” with a (maybe not so) brief explanation of what Let’s Play is, what I focus on in my Let’s Plays and links to the current and past Let’s Plays on my channel plus a short list of games that I’m planning on doing Let’s Plays of. So feel free to check it out and as I mentioned on the page, I’d love to hear suggestions from you guys of what you want me to do Let’s Plays of in the future. =)

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