The Old Republic and more musings

So I’m sitting here rendering some Space Marine footage for the I-lost-count’th time and remembered I should write something here.

I’ve been playing Star Wars the Old Republic a fair bit since the christmas weekend and my little smuggler has reached level 33 so far.
It’s pretty much World of Warcraft in space gameplay wise, but there are enough differences to keep me interested. The classic Bioware writing is one of them, the class stories that I’ve seen so far have been well written and nicely laid out. The whole Taris part is very sentimental and interesting for me as I’ve played Knights of the Old Republic (some interesting things happening on that planet). The space combat is, while currently slightly repetitive, interesting and has a nice flow to it and the pvp is (to me) a lot more interesting than for example WoW.
I still miss the huge roleplayer support that Star Wars Galaxies had when it came out but to date that’s the only game that’s even come close to having that amount of animated (and actually useful) emotes and the only game where you have been able to have a purely social experience.
Anyhow, I decided that I should revive my old SWG character Erin Eevia, the Zabrak musician, as a smuggler and I set about it as soon as I could. Thus far I’m enjoying it most of the time, though the Scoundrel advanced class plays a lot different then I anticipated for a smuggler. I’m still trying to figure out what skill tree to go for though so everything’s still very much changing for my playstyle at the moment.
And right now I only have one big pet peeve and that’s the targeting. It’s really hard to heal for me due to targeting and as with just about every other game I’ve played that includes tab targeting, the tab targeting is horribad. It may just be that I need to get used to it or it will be changed slightly over time to make it easier. On my wish list right now is the ability to toggle on something similar to WoW’s enemy bars, basically small health bars above their heads to make targeting slightly easier.
But all in all, my experience so far has been very positive. There are a few bugs here and there, especially in some cut scenes (and twilek lekku drive me crazy with their twitching) and the textures tend to randomly swap between the high and low res ones. Still, bugs are to be expected at launch and so far they’re fairly few and non-critical as far as I’ve seen. I’m also quite happy about the fact that even if I get the urge to play, it’s not overshadowing everything else the way I had with WoW for the longest time, and speaking of I haven’t even played WoW for the weeks I’ve been poking around in SWTOR. So it’s a good enough experience that I want to spend time on it, but I don’t feel the pressure to constantly play to keep up. So, I think I’m going to keep spending time on this game, but in moderate enough amounts that I will be able to keep up all my other hobbies as well. =)

On a completely different note, I stumbled over an article while browsing twitter, 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself, which is a good reminder of things I’m trying to live by this year. It’s so easy to forget to take care of yourself that I need a reminder as often as possible.
And, as I decided that this year will be my “heart on my sleeve” year, I personally need to work with not running away or avoiding my problems, stop lying to myself, stop trying to be someone else, stop being scared of making mistakes and berating myself for old ones, stop being idle, stop competing with everyone else, stop complaining/whining about the little things, stop acting like everything’s fine when it isn’t (see stop lying to myself) and stop focusing on what I don’t want to happen. Generally, I need to work with everything on that list, but those in particular. I have a very bad habit of being constantly afraid of making mistakes, afraid that others will think I’m weird and lying to myself that everything’s alright even when I feel completely crap. Time to work on fixing those habits!
I might do what my mom has been doing for a while which is every day you write down five good things that has happened and keep those in a journal. I might put them on here as I’m terrible at keeping actual physical journals, but we’ll see. I might even go back to trying to put together a small diary comic again, but we’ll see how that fares.

Anyhow, I need to get a few things done before work so I’ll stop poking around here for now. Hopefully I’ll write again tomorrow, provided I have anything interesting to show/tell. =)

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