Oh hey 2012!

You arrived a lot quicker than I anticipated and it’s already three days into it.
I spent most of the new years weekend gaming together with the boyfriend, boyfriend’s brother and our room mate which was real nice and relaxing. Though a bit tiring at the same time as I was still trying to shake off a nasty cold from earlier in the week.
But I also got to do a bit of thinking about things, stuff, life and where I currently am in it. For the first time that I can recall I solemnly made a resolution, basically I’m going to try to aim towards eating more and healthier as well as getting better at keeping up my training. I haven’t started out as well as I would’ve wanted to, but it’s not too bad yet as I’ve eaten slightly less unhealthy stuff the last couple of days. It rather helps that I’m not working my ass off the same way I did throughout december so my sugar cravings are staying somewhat low. So if I can keep up with that it’ll be a good start I think, just need to put my mind to actually keeping up my training properly. Though my cold is still lingering a bit so I don’t want to start out too hard just yet.
I’m also starting to get a bit of a better grasp of what I actually want to do with my life. Not necessarily a clear goal, but I’m narrowing down the skills I want to more focused and tangible milestones along the way. I’m still trying to sort through it all and try to schedule it into my life in such a way that I can actually start working on it all. But I think the most fundamental thing I’ve decided on is that this year I’m going to wear my heart on my sleeve for all to see.
And connected to that I’m going to try to make this place more of a journal and actually update more than once upon a blue moon. I’m probably going to keep doing video logs on my youtube channel every now and then but I might just supplement them with more in depth things here, plus updates that isn’t really intended for my youtube specific audience (just about only people interested in my gaming life as far as I know).
I’ve missed the whole journal concept a bit because I’m a scatterbrain and it has actually helped my perspective of myself a lot going back to my old Livejournal that I had for years. There’s tons of teenage angst there, but re-reading a lot of those old entries has given me a firmer grasp of who I was when I were younger, made me ponder who I am now and generally set some things into a more correct timeline than what’s been in my head.
So, going to try to get back into old habits and write more again! So this place should get livelier, I get to vent stuff, it’ll be an incentive to actually keep up with my plans, to draw more and help me keep up my schedule.

For now though I’m going get some sleep and clear my head a little so I can come back with some fresh (and hopefully more interesting) things to write about tomorrow!
As I have the day off tomorrow I have quite a few things I’m going to try to get done inbetween trying to get our new apartment into somewhat shape, taking the bus to fetch some mail, cooking, cleaning and all that. Hopefully it’ll be more Let’s Play episodes recorded, some sketching and a write up on my experiences with Star Wars The Old Republic. All in all, I got tons of things to do! =D

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