Think before you type. Please?

The other day I found an article retweeted on twitter, Laurie Penny: A woman’s opinion is the mini-skirt of the internet.
It’s quite an interesting read and it made me think about how many articles, posts and similar there are out there from (mostly) women who all say that they keep getting abuse on their blogs/channels/whatnot. And of all the flame wars I’ve witnessed on forums.
This also made me think about all these silly “raise awareness for breast cancer by posting obscure status updates” on facebook and similar things going on.

There’s this odd sort of feminism going on that I do not approve of. I’m personally all for equality and I really want to see the norm being that everyone has the same worth, no matter their gender. However, I don’t like the sort of “revenge feminism” that’s going on where women are encouraged to belittle men to strengthen her own position. That’s just wrong and counter productive to trying to get a society based around equal value.
And coming back to the article I posted above I think it’s worth mentioning that from what I’ve seen, men also get that kind of negative attention. It’s hard to say if they get it to the same extent, but I think overall it comes down to more or less the same seeing as women tend to get quite a lot of fawning over as well (especially “hot nerdy girls”).
In this regard it really comes down to that we need to shed the whole “I’ve got breasts/penis, I am privilieged and should be treated as such!” way of thinking. We’re all people here ladies and gents.

This may seem a bit disjointed and all, and I guess it is as I’m just spewing out whatever comes to mind, but I think the point I want to make is once again “think before you type”. It shouldn’t matter what gender sits behind the keyboard on the other end, everyone who’s got an opinion is a person just like yourself. This means that whoever you’re about to flame, throw death threats at or in general degrade is just like you. You could just as well flame and threat yourself as this other person. Just because you’re protected by a flimsy veil of anonymity (and I say flimsy because it’s terribly easy to track people on the internet) doesn’t mean you can be an asshat. Simple as that.

I do miss having proper debates that doesn’t get out of hand, come to blows or death threats but I think I’ve lost my faith in humanity on that point.

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  1. t0bi says:

    LIES! There are no wummans on internetz! 🙂

    No seriously, You got a healthy attitude towards things and I couldn’t agree more… 🙂

    Been a while since I stopped by here, Ooohh… lookie arts!

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