Updates and asking for a bit of feedback

I’m still trying to iron out the bumps in this layout, but most things should be working properly by now. The last bit that I’m aware of that’s “broken” is images in posts not linking properly to the page for the specified image but I may have to rely on secondary solutions to this for now.
If you do stumble over something that doesn’t seem to be working properly or have any suggestions on how I can make the site better please do send me an email or comment on this post! I love getting feedback and feedback is the only way I can make this place a more pleasant stay for you guys. =)

In other news, I’m currently running two Let’s Play series simultaneously, F.E.A.R. 3 and Dragon Age 2, in case you’ve missed my YouTube channel. They are on a small hiatus while I scrape together enough money to buy a new headset though as the microphone on my previous one is giving in and giving me some horrible feedback. With any luck though this should be resolved within a few days. In addition to my Let’s Play adventures I’m currently getting back into watercolor painting and I do have my “Gaming Sentimentality” series of ACEO cards underway. Lately I’ve been struck with a lot of inspiration so hopefully it will all bear some fruit that’s worth showing the rest of the world!

And lastly, would you guys be interested in more of my ramblings or would you rather I only posted art? Or both? Or something completely different?
I’m still debating what to use this place for and so far I would be tempted to post sketches (possibly as a daily sketch blog), art and gaming rants, documenting my crafting/cosplaying efforts and other random things along those lines. And so far I’m not entirely sure who my visitors are and what you lot come here for specifically so any comments on this would be lovely. =)

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