Sing me a few notes, maestro: A few words of my own, for a change.

Sing me a few notes, maestro: A few words of my own, for a change.:


Reblogging has its purposes, but sometimes you need to vent through your own handcrafted words.

In the aftermath of what has been described as the worst tragedy in Norway since the second world war, I sit here, with tired eyes and an piercing ache in my stomach, and I still can’t seem to shake the confusion off. My feelings are so conflicted. I experience a disturbing mixture of sadness, fury, curiosity, pride and ever hunger for vengeance constantly raging through me, and I find myself asking, what is correct to feel in a situation like this? I have been so close to shedding tears several times over the course of these events. It has all felt so unreal, yet so close to heart. This happened here, in Oslo, my capital city, in a country that stands for so many values that we should all admire. A country I thought was safe.

This is not the time to point fingers or blame a madman’s actions on anyone else than the madman himself. As unfamiliar as this situation is to all of us, it’s hard to see how we could have handled it better. I never thought I would get emotional over anything our Prime Minister would have to say, but yesterday, during his first press conference after the bombing, it happened. Norwegians may have flaws, but this tragedy has shown that we are a proud people who support each other and help each other when it counts, and we will not let one man change that.

And even though Norway were shown yesterday to be as vunerable as anyone else out there, if not more so, I am so grateful tonight that I am Norwegian. Hold sammen, Norge.

I may not be Norwegian myself, but as I now live here this hit pretty close to home anyway so to speak. And I’m very impressed with how most of the country and the officials have dealt with this so far.

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