I’ve been non-existant around here for a while, sorry about that. Life’s just been awfully messy and generally full of stuff, plus I’ve sort of forgotten to update around here.

Now I’ve come back to a template that I seem to have somehow broken (may be my Tumblr imported posts messing things up), apologies for that as well. I am working on a site template of my own, I simply haven’t had the time to properly do the graphics and more importantly, code it, it’s still stuck as a scribble in my sketchpad.

So, I’ve been busy with a variety of things including practicing sword fighting in preparation for an outdoor theatrical piece called Korsvikaspelet that’ll take place between 23 to 26 June (next week) where I’ll be one of the warriors. I’ve also (finally) finished playing through Dead Space and all of the remaining videos of that should be up on youtube by tomorrow morning at the latest. They should all have been online by now, but I noticed a render error a bit late and had to re-render one of the middle videos in the set so working on that as I type. The first part of the set is up however so do feel free to take a peek.
I will be busy for another week and a half with my work with Korsvikaspelet as well so I can’t fix my broken layout until I get back from that I’m afraid. I’ll swap over to a different layout until then to allow for proper navigation as a temporary solution until I get my own layout going though. And pray that the default one isn’t broken too, that would be just my luck!

Anyhow, a more normal schedule should hopefully be resumed after 28 June and I do have plans that should allow me to actually have useful/more interesting updates for you all by then. So, if you still check in every now and then, thank you SO much for your patience and I’ll try to be more rewarding in the future!

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