Ohai thar

Over a month since my last proper post, oooh boy I’m bad at keeping this thing up to date. This time I suppose I do have an excuse though, having moved to a new country and all. Basically I spent roughly two and a half weeks in limbo, first week spent sleeping on the floor of a friend’s then getting to borrow a spare room at another friend’s place for the remaining week before our flight left.
Now though I’ve officially said good bye to Ireland (for now at least) and said hello to Norway. My first two weeks here has been rather eventful with lots of friendship and camraderie which was quite the change from the last year and a half where I’ve more or less only seen other people at training. So, a promising start!

My art’s been suffering a bit, not very surprising though. Even so I’ve been sketching a bit on a small (well, the size is small but the ambition is pretty big) personal project of mine and my fingers are itching for more. So it would seem my inspiration have made it through the ordeal of moving decently intact.
Even so, art is taking the backburner for a little while longer while I get back on track with my Let’s Play projects as I feel a bit bad for my subscribers. They haven’t heard anything from me for over a month either so I should get back to playing. Plus, I currently have a list of some 5 or 6 games waiting to be treated with the Let’s Play experience. And I REALLY want to get to Dragon Age 2 soon, if nothing else to be able to play it before I’ve been too showered in spoilers!
So planning to try to get some LPing done over the weekend (need to sort my hard drive first, having only 100GB free is a bit too little), hopefully finish off Dead Space and get started on Dragon Age 2.
THEN I can get back into arting properly! I foresee a flood of Dragon Age related fan art from my part, now that I for once have inspiration enough to produce something. >=]

Oh, and lastly I’ve set up a feed from my Tumblr as I do find some interesting things there that I reblog. Thus now you won’t have to check both places (I doubt anyone did, but still) as the things I find there will be automagically posted here as well!
I’m childishly happy about fiddling with this place, now I just need to kick myself into actually filling it with useful things. *cough*

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  1. Personally I can’t wait for more Let’s Plays! And games like Dragon Age 2 is a joy to play, at least I think so. BioWare and their moral dilemmas. my head hurt now! You’ll love it! That said, I know you got plenty and plenty of awesome games waiting to be played. Good luck and have fun, with everything!

  2. Bitte NJ says:

    HI so here yor are then. I have found you at your workplace, huh? Just wanted to say that I wish you wouldn´t forget your previous engagements, as for instance the book we have been working on, and that really needs your personal input now. IF it is going to be a real book at all. Please, try and find time for fixing the pictures and send them to our publisher as soon as.
    Congrats on your new home, you seem to be in a very happy place right now!

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