Art is a funny thing

So, I haven’t had a whole lot to do that was work related this week. Instead I ended up working on a piece based on my black and white sketch that I did of my Katelyn Shepard for my youtube channel.

Katelyn Shepard

It took me most of the week, working on it on and off. The composition is a tad wonky and probably a result of me simply slapping two grayscale sketches together and working from that. I’ve never had any real grip on composition to start with. Even so, not too shabby I suppose.

Now though, as I finished it I felt like “ooh, thrilling, this actually turned out pretty nice!” and then, some 10-20 minutes later when I look at it I feel… A bit like I tried and failed I suppose is a good way of explaining it. It’s alright but it falls short of that somewhat epic move poster feeling I was going for. This is very likely a result of my flawed composition that I mentioned above, but it irks me.
I do have a few more ideas for Mass Effect “posters” featuring Katelyn and my custom male Shepard (Shepard. Jack Shepard.) but I think I need a better way to go about it first. And a few lessons in composition. I have been oogling the book Framed Ink – Drawing and Composition for the Visual Storytellers for a while now, it looks like an interesting one but I’ll need to move and make sure I have money left before I dare spend money on it. It IS very affordable though, ~$17USD for an art book is really cheap so I’m just hoping I’ll have a bit of spare cash.

I may be rambling a bit but I’m in a bit of a funny place art wise right now. As I said I feel a bit like I tried and failed, but somehow it feels like a victory nonetheless. And I’m for once a bit inspired to do studies, which I’ve always been rather meh about as I’ve found them tedious and like I’m wasting time (my head knows I’m not, but still feels like it).
It’s going to be interesting to see where this feeling will take me and if I can keep a hold of it. I’ve a nasty habit of losing track of those important feelings. D=

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