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I’ve been really busy the last couple of weeks as I started my new job on the 15th along with two commissions besides that. It’s rather nice to have a good reason to get up in the mornings again though, I do feel a lot more energetic overall thanks to not sleeping half the day. =)

Inbetween work stuff I’ve been trying to get some time with Dead Space to be able to finish it soon. I have both Assassin’s Creed 2 and Dead Space 2 lying around waiting for me to finish Dead Space and then Dragon Age 2 will be out on March 11th. So even if I wouldn’t have had a job I would’ve been hard pressed for time enough to finish LPing all that and now I only really have time for an hour every now and then. All in due time I suppose!
I have hit a rather annoying snag in my LPing right now though, I played for about an hour yesterday only to find out when I quit that Fraps hadn’t recorded anything and my oldest save was still far enough along to lose out on quite a big segment. So now I’m stuck either replaying everything up until where I last left off or have my viewers miss one part. I’m not too keen on either option, but we’ll see how I’ll solve that.

In other recording news, I started up a Livestream on a whim today. I didn’t announce it anywhere so I doubt anyone saw it while I was drawing, but it’s saved on the Livestream site for you to check out. I just recorded while I were working on sketches for one of the above mentioned commissions. And something different from me as well, a male character! =o
You can check out the video on my Livestream channel‘s archives. I’ll try to announce when I’ll be doing any future Livestreams, though there may be other impromtu streams just to test the waters before that, I need to figure out how the Procaster works properly.
I -may- open up another channel to stream games at some point if there’s any interest in that. I could for example stream games that I’m replaying as I won’t be LPing those. There will eventually be a video about that on my Youtube to gauge the interest.

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