There’s a reason…

…For everything.
Just a day after my last post I got an offer to present a portfolio for a position as 3D modeler and texturer for a small company. So, I frantically set to updating myself on Maya after some 6-7 years of not touching the program. I never was much good when I studied but I thought what the hell, I might as well try and see where it gets me. So, I put together a small scene showing off what I can do.
And lo and behold, I’m starting my new job on February 15!

I will still be taking on commissions as this job won’t pay that much to start with, so feel free to keep spreading the word, I’d love you forever for it. <3 In other news, I'm currently on a trip to Norway and Sweden for a couple of weeks so I won't be around and able to create new things until February 13. I will still be sketching and doing natural media stuff as time allows and I will be checking my email more or less daily still. So, I'll see you lot after the 13th!

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2 Responses

  1. jokergirl says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! *cheers and hugs and dances*
    Will you be coming by Stockholm? Say hi in that case!


    • Annah says:

      *hugs* I’ll be going down to Upplands Väsby on the 11th, but as I’ll only have one full day there (saturday) I doubt I’d have the time to get into town plus I know granddad would be kind of miffed if we didn’t spend the time with him/my brother =(
      I’ll make sure to stick around a little longer next time so I can at least say hello!

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