When it rains…

Artist 4 Hire…it really pours.
I just got a mail about my student loan, and it would seem that I have to resume paying on it even though I currently have no steady income. That in conjunction with some trouble with the rent on our place and the possibility of losing our room mate has set me and my boyfriend in a bit of a financial pickle.
As such, I’m opening up a commission drive to raise some money to help out with my part of all this trouble.
I will still be offering more or less the same range on commissions only at lowered prices. I will be open for doing ACEO cards at 10 euro per card and 2 euro for shipping (I can’t really lower the prices any more on those due to material costs), digital Black & White pieces will range between 30 euro for a full body character and 10 euro for a bust/portrait, digital color pieces will be around 55 euro for a full body piece and 20 euro for a bust/portrait.
For examples of my work (in case you simply stumbled onto this), check the commissions page or even better, my gallery.
Prices are not set in stone, if you have an idea email me and we can work something out.

I would be eternally grateful if anyone reading this could spread the word as well. <3

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