Happy holidays!

Just a quick little note to wish everyone happy holidays and to give some sign of life!

I’ve been rather busy with World of Warcraft and a few other things lately and that combined with my forgetfulness has seen Eevia rather deserted, very sorry about that!
I am sitting on a few plans that involves this place, but you’ll have to wait until the start of 2011 for that particular venture. 😉
In the meantime though, if you’re interested in what I’m doing I’d recommend poking my facebook page or checking out my Let’s Play episodes on youtube as those will be updated even over the holidays. My twitter has been fairly quiet lately as well, mostly because I don’t really have a lot to say that’s suited for the short format, we’ll see if that changes during the holidays.

Before I head back to planning things, I leave you with a festive drawing; my part of this months WoW art exchange over at LiveJournal, Shinmaxwell’s Rachel.


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