WoW fan fiction – Reawakening

As some of you might recall, I decided to enter into the Girl Saves Boy Ficathon that was going in september. I did(!) finish my story but with the move of Eevia I never got to post it here as I meant to. Thus I’m posting it now!
This is a piece of World of Warcraft fan fiction, centered around my own druid Eilan and my boyfriend’s druid Malannon. I have no copyright claims to the setting etc, that’s all Blizzard’s property. Also, as I haven’t written anything with a story for some good ten years, my storytelling may be a bit clunky, my apologies. =)
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Title: Reawakening
Fandom: World of Warcraft
Original characters
Word count:
Slight violence and gore


Eilan made her way across the mossy forest floor in the form of a cheetah, her spotted frostsaber Sheeka silently padding along behind her. Her trading trip to Stormwind had taken longer than she had expected and with Sheeka’s saddlebags overflowing with new materials she had chosen to run alongside her rather than ride her on their way home. As they neared the small vale where her cabin was, Eilan was overcome with the feeling that someone was watching. She slowed to a halt, noticing Sheeka seemed to have sensed something as well and was staring at a brush to their left. Peering into the brushes she caught a glimpse of gray fur that quickly disappeared again. She narrowed her eyes and nudged Sheeka back into a trot. While it probably was just another wolf she couldn’t quite shake the feeling that there was something odd about the creature.
The vale was bathed in the golden hue of the sunset when they finally reached the cabin. They were greeted by a muted cacophony of sound from all the different animals that Eilan had taken under her wing over the years. Eilan deftly shifted back into her humanoid form, stretched and then lovingly scratched Sheeka behind the ears. “I think they’re all glad to see us, don’t you?”
As if to confirm the statement a small sprite darter zoomed down from the trees and settled itself in Sheeka’s fur and the striped Meeshka came to nuzzle her sister in greeting.
Smiling, Eilan set about unloading the saddlebags and relieve Sheeka of her saddle.
After making sure all of her wards had fared well during her absence Eilan headed to bed, her muscles sore after an entire day of running.

The night time shadows danced before her eyes in their never ending spectrum of blues. She could feel the soft and cool moss underneath her belly. The fragrant scent of the scattered flowers reached her nose and she gave a small snort.
She was looking down on her little vale from a vantage point hidden in one of the brushes that lined the small hilltops. There was an air of curiosity hanging around her, mixed with a hint of animal caution. Suddenly she felt like she wasn’t alone. She clipped her ears then shot up, letting out a high hiss in the general direction of the vale before turning on her haunches and disappeared into the underbrush.

Eilan sat up with a start and gazed around the room. She was still tucked into the bed inside her cabin. The dream had felt so real, she could still feel the moss underneath her.
She frowned, got out of the bed and headed outside. She stood just outside the door and looked up towards the brush she had dreamt she was hiding in. One of her small owls gave a soft hoot and landed on her shoulder and started nibbling her earlobe.
She couldn’t help but smile and gently rubbed it’s tummy. “I guess I’m spending a little too much time as a cat if I’m starting to dream about it, hm? Not that you’d know little friend.”
She affectionately gave the owl a final pat before carefully lifting it off of her shoulder.
She cast one final glance at the bushes lining the vale before heading back into the cabin.

The days went by the way that days do. Eilan settled back into her daily routine of working the leather into masterfully crafted armor and mixing inks out of her newly acquired herbs. At night though, she kept having dreams of this cat. She had slowly realized that it wasn’t quite a dream but that she was sharing someone’s night time activities. And no matter how intrigued she herself was, she couldn’t find the cat. A few times she had tried to track it but to no avail. Only after that first night had she found traces of gray and white fur in the bushes but no further clues as to its whereabouts. For some reason the cat had taken an interest in her vale and seemed to stay in the vicinity but that was all she could divine. It was still very cautious and as soon as it felt her conscious riding with its own, it violently rejected her.
As such she had set herself to be patient. So she kept to her crafting and spending time with her wards during the day and slowly, gently, tried to pry some more information about the cat during the nights. Her prying attempts were mostly futile, as soon as she tried to mentally grasp for a piece of information the cat would notice her and fight her mind off. All she had managed to learn was that the cat was male and he had some form of elven mind, although deeply buried. She was unsure how such a thing was possible but she were determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. If nothing else it would be a nice bit of new information for the Cenarion Circle’s extensive libraries.

A few weeks later on a sunny afternoon Eilan sat dozing on the porch of her cabin with her small Wolpertinger nestled in her lap. Suddenly she felt a chill creeping over her, almost as if the sun had disappeared behind a cloud. But as she opened her eyes and gazed at the sky there was not a cloud in sight, yet she could feel the chill settling into her bones. Bewildered she stood up. The little Wolpertinger let out a disgruntled yelp and gracefully hopped to the ground in the last second, but Eilan barely noticed it. There was something terribly wrong but she couldn’t quite discern what. The vale lay quiet and bathed in sunlight, as serene as it could be.
Without any real conscious thought she shifted into her cheetah form and started running. She had no idea why or where she was running, but the chill down her spine urged her on and it seemed like her paws knew the way even when her head didn’t. Before long she came close to the bank of a river. On the other side was her white furred mystery cat, bleeding quite heavily from gashes all over. He was being surrounded by a large amount of Worgen that were slowly but deftly cornering him against the river. Judging by the amount of dead Worgen littering the ground around him, he had fought hard, but was now weak from blood loss. She now knew what had chilled her so. Her linking her mind to his on a nightly basis had also created a tenuous link even in her wake mind and she had felt the chilling howl of the Worgen through that.
She quickened her pace, leapt into the swift running water of the river and swam for all she was worth. Just as she reached the other side the Worgen hurled themselves towards the wounded cat.
Without any further thought Eilan shifted into the form of a giant bear, let lose a deafening roar and charged at the closest enemy. Swiping away at the enemies with her big paws she forced her way to the wounded cat and then worked at keeping them away. The Worgen seemed to grow more hesitant to attack, now that their prey no longer was an easy target. Determined to chase them off Eilan quickly went on the offensive as soon as she noticed the enemy hesitating. She roared again and made calculated swings with her paws, trying to inflict as much damage as possible while at the same time pushing the enemy back.
One by one the Worgen started to flee and soon there was nothing but blood and corpses littering the riverbank.
She turned to the cat. He had sunk down on his belly and was watching her with suspicion. It would seem that he had not made up his mind about his saviour yet.
She shifted back into her humanoid form and cautiously walked towards him. He made small, futile attempts and crawling away but his wounds were too severe to allow him much movement so he ended up half-heartedly hissing at her.
“Hush, don’t worry my friend. I’m only here to help.”
She gently put her hand behind his ear and felt him tense at the touch but he stopped his hissing. She took a deep breath, focused and felt the soothing natural energy around her starting to flow, finding the cuts and bites on his body. Slowly the wounds started to close, one by one. She could feel his ear twitching at first and how he then gradually relaxed under her touch. He fell into the exhausted sleep of the wounded.

Eilan had managed to move him back to the vale and into her cabin without waking him. She was not the best healer but she had managed to close most of the wounds. It would be a long time before they properly healed, but at least he wouldn’t bleed to death. What troubled her now were not his wounds but despite him having an elven mind, he had shown only a cat’s instincts. There was no sign of anything elven or even remotely humanoid about his behaviour, but she could still feel that he was more than just another wild cat. There was something familiar as well that she couldn’t quite grasp.
As he started to regain some strength and mobility he was back to acting tense and cautious around her, as if he believed she would attack him at any time. Eilan made sure to be careful around him as not to scare him and kept up a daily routine of gently seeing to his wounds.
After a few weeks in her care, he seemed to have relaxed in her company. He was still keeping his mental walls up, but he didn’t get tense whenever she touched him anymore. She had started making a point of talking to him and she could see that he understood her more clearly than any animal would. She was hoping that she could break through those mental walls of his, or at least get a glimpse of what he really was. And it was sort of nice to have someone to talk to for once.

She was dreaming. She was certain of it because she instantly recognized the vistas of the Emerald Dream. It was odd that she had entered the Dream involuntarily, but she didn’t question it.
She was walking along one of Ysera’s many paths, this particular one small and winding. Running ahead of her was the cat, its fur glistening white in the Dream’s fluorescent light. She lithely shifted into her cat self, her own fur a glistening blue black, and started running after him. As she got closer she was shocked to see that the cat’s form wasn’t quite solid and above it was a ghostly image of an elven man with white hair. The cat stopped and turned its head to face her, and the image of the man echoed the cat’s movements. He looked at her with pleading eyes.

She woke up with the sun shining over her face. The cat lay in his usual corner, still fast asleep.
Remembering her foray into the Emerald Dream, she quickly got up and started going through the old tomes on her shelves. She was now certain that the cat was a druid, much like herself, but had somehow gotten stuck in his cat form. She had heard old legends about druids spending too much time within the Emerald Dream and when finally awoken weren’t themselves anymore. She suspected he was one of those. It was even possible he could have been one of the few that had not been awakened by the Horn of Cenarius.
She was halfway through a big tome when the cat woke up. To her surprise he came to sit by her side, almost as if reading over her shoulder. She glanced at him then returned to her reading. She had to help him, somehow. And it didn’t really matter how he had come to be the way he was.

She studied every tome she possessed that as much as mentioned how the druids were affected by the Emerald Dream. There was surprisingly little written about it and she had made a mental note to write down her own experiences with it for posterity. After all, their race was no longer immortal and knowledge was not quite as readily found.
All the while she studied tomes, the cat was by her side and she was certain he knew she was trying to help him now. She wasn’t quite sure if he knew that there was more to him than his cat self or if he just instinctively felt reassured through their mental link.
The weeks passed by, his wounds healed surprisingly well but Eilan had made little progress in trying to reach past his mental barriers. She simply could not seem to reach his elven self, he was too settled into his feral ways. As such she didn’t quite dare to take him with her to see the other druids within the Circle, nor did she want to leave him in the vale in case he decided to take off again.
She kept up her routine of talking to him and tried to come up with ways to raise his elven self to the surface again. She tried using her natural magic, she tried getting him to mimic gestures, she tried stirring up memories with old tales from before the Sundering. Nothing seemed to work.

She looked up from the vellums she had been preparing. It was getting darker outside the window.
Yawning she set down her pen and rubbed her eyes. She reached down to scratch the cat behind the ear, realizing that she had already made it to a habit.
“It really feels like you’ve always been here, you know… I just wish I knew what to do with you. I haven’t even gotten you a name yet.”
She got a soft mewling response as he pressed his head affectionately against her leg. She let out a small laugh.
“I probably could keep you like this, but that wouldn’t really be fair to you now, would it? You should get a chance at living the life you were meant for, not as someone’s pet.”
She smiled and put her forehead against his and tangled her fingers in his fur.
“Let’s get some sleep and see if I can think of something new to try tomorrow.”

She was back in the Emerald Dream. This time the cat was just a few yards away from her and the ghostly elven image was looking more solid than last time. It opened its mouth as if to speak but there were no words.

This time she woke up with the cats head resting on her belly. She gently stroked his fur as she furrowed her brow, deep in thought.
For the rest of the day, she talked to him. Not about the old legends or about other people, but talked to him about her own life, what she’d seen and experienced as an elf. She talked about visiting Darnassus and the big cities of the Eastern Kingdoms. She talked about seeing the wondrous floating islands of Nagrand, the pine forests of the Grizzly Hills or the endlessly snowy Winterspring. She talked about friends and her family. She talked about  her hopes and her dreams.
The whole time he was close to her, seemingly listening intently.

A few nights later she was once more back in the Emerald Dream. Again the cat was there, but now it was the cat that was a ghostly image and the man the more solid. He was tall, muscular, weathered and with long white hair, matching that of the fur of his cat self. Again he opened his mouth to speak and this time he spoke. His voice was deep, melodious, but raspy and stumbling.
“M-my…. name… M-malannon….”
He seemed surprised at himself.

She again awoke with him by her side, his feline head resting on her belly.
“So… I finally know what to call you. I think we’re making progress, wouldn’t you say Malannon?”
He perked his ears, lifted his head and looked at her. At the mention of his name, his eyes widened. He burst out into something that sounded like a cat trying to talk.
That day she spent reciting the lessons her father had taught her when she was first to learn how to take on the shape of an animal and subsequently how to shift back into elven form. Malannon went from acting like a bouncy kitten to deeply concentrated and back throughout the day.
In the evening he had seated himself in his corner, with a look of concentration on his face.
Eilan set about working on a piece of leather armor, but occasionally glanced sideways at him.
Suddenly she heard a yelp from the corner, turned around to see Malannon sitting there in his elven form. She burst out in a triumphant little laugh.
“You did it! You did it Malannon!”
He looked at her then down at himself, bewildered. He opened his mouth and let out a rusty little squeak before quickly closing it again. With cheeks turning red, he tried to turn around and curl up in the corner.
She hurried to his side, turned him towards her and embraced him.
“Don’t worry, it’ll come back to you. I’ll help you, just as I have so far.”

Malannon’s first few weeks back in elven shape was visibly hard on him. He easily fell back into his feline habits and had a hard time adjusting to not being on all fours.
Even so, Eilan kept at it, encouraging him to speak and work his body back into an upright position. Little by little she got him to remember his own past.
As the weeks and then months passed by Malannon slowly recovered under Eilan’s care.

One sunny morning that autumn they were both seated on the soft moss just outside Eilan’s cabin. Malannon looked up to the sky, with a small furrow between his brows. “I’ve been thinking about something.”
Eilan tilted her head slightly as she looked at him. “Oh? And what might that be?”
He cast a sideways glance at her before hastily looking up again. “You’ve been… Very kind… In taking care of me and letting me stay here with you… And… I… I…” He let his voice trail off.
She couldn’t quite help but smile. “Just spit it out, Mal. Now you got me curious!”
He blushed furiously and refused to look at her. “I was wondering if I could maybe stay with you. At least for a while longer.”
She burst out laughing. “Of course you can! It’s not like I intend to toss you out, especially not with winter closing in! And you know…” She gave him a mischievous grin. “I must keep an eye on you so you don’t go wild again.”
A mix of indignation and relief washed over his face. “Thank you. I truly owe you my life, in more ways than one.”

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