Let’s Play!

After following Toegoff‘s brilliant LP adventures for quite a while and seeing my friend David starting his own LP channel I finally decided to jump onto the Let’s Play bandwagon!
So far I’m enjoying it, even with technical troubles, some hair pulling to get Vegas to do my bidding with editing and my own shyness standing in the way. =)
I decided to go for Starcraft II as my first Let’s Play seeing as I just got it and most of the other games I have on hand are already finished or I’ve gotten halfway through them thus elmininating them as LP material. So, go check out my Let’s Play Starcraft II on Youtube! =D
I do plan on doing LPs of The Secret of Monkey Island (the special edition), Jade Empire and possibly Prince of Persia the Two Thrones at some point. So I have tons of things to do eventually.

At the moment though I’ve had to put my LPing on the backburner while I finish two commissioned watercolor pieces. They both need to be finished by the start of next week as I will be heading back to Sweden next thursday and need to bring them with me. One is fairly straightforward for me as it has mostly familiar elements and I already have ideas for it, but this first one is tricky. See, I’ve been commissioned to draw a Warhammer 40K Space Marine Battle Barge. And me having a loose (at best) grip on perspective and generally never drawing anything that’s not organic makes this task quite a whole lot bigger than it sounds. =o
I’m closing in on finishing the sketching now at least, but it’s been taking a lot longer than I anticipated, even with me being unfamiliar with the subject. Either way, it’s quite a learning experience!
So for now, back to sketching, no time to waste!

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