Art dump

Firstly a little something that I’ve forgotten to post.
When I were packing for moving over to Ireland I realized that the bag I had previously used was a tad small so I ended up buying a new one. It’s quite a refreshing color, as it’s a sunny orange as opposed to the usual dark blue or black bags. This sparked my creativity and after a bit of searching through mom’s drawers I found a dark blue permanent marker and got to work.
By now it’s slightly smudged as the permanent marker apparently didn’t take to the surface too well. Still, I’m bound to find my bag amongst others!

Now, onto the “real” art. I’ve been sketching more the last few days than I have in years… Sketching never was a strong point of mine, I tend to always skip the doodling and sketching and jump straight into trying to do a finished piece. Which is very backwards, but it’s been hard to change as it’s such an old habit.
I did get a figurative kick in the shins when my friend Kaeshan asked me to draw some comic ideas he had. As I’ve never drawn comics properly before and I suck at likeness and keeping my characters consistent I figured if I ever was going to start sketching, now would be the time. In the end, I didn’t sketch as much of the comic characters as I probably should have, but it actually does feel pretty good to do some loose stuff for once.
Sketchdump 10.02.13
David, sorry for abusing your poor Chapter Master D=

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  1. No worries, I happen to think he looks pretty awesome. 🙂

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