Ok, so I think I finally got this place into a presentable shape!
There are still quite a few things needing to be done, but it’s smaller things such as populating the galleries with the older pieces and general tweaking.
And while I do that, I might as well use the blogging part as that shouldn’t need anymore tweaking for now.
So let’s kickstart this with a couple of sketches!

Andy's 'stache
I suck at chibis, but I had to give it a try when my friend Andy didn’t seem to have anything against having what I call a “twirly ‘stache”.  So, Andy with his sophisticated twirly stache! It made me laugh at least D=
Space Marine Sketch

After the previous silly spell me and Andy got to talking about how cool Space Marines are and how he wondered what he’d look like as one. I got to sketching, but Space Marine anatomy (or lack thereof) eludes me so it ended up looking more like just a dude in not-quite-enough-bigass armor. If I can dig out the boyo’s Space Marines for reference there might be more spess mawine sketches in the future. =3

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  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about! More Space Marines! If I get some funds over (gief tax return, plx?), then I’ll commission an Emerald Knight Space Marine from you!

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